Aviva Zacks of Safety Detective had a wonderful time interviewing Reinard Mortlock, CEO of Livex.

Safety Detective: What got you interested in cybersecurity?

We initially started as a software company, and at a certain stage, we started seeing and reading about more and more software systems getting hacked because of small mistakes done by developers or the guys that set up a network or the servers. So, from a company’s perspective to give assurance to our client, we decided that we need to add a security element to our offering.

In South Africa, there is a massive need for managed services. We started offering cybersecurity services either as a standalone or as a complementary service.

Safety Detective: Can you tell me about some of Livex’s services?

Our core service is software development. We build solutions for businesses, either startups or corporates, and we know there’s a need for either an internal system or a software product that they would like to develop like mobile applications or web applications.

We’ve launched a complete security-focused managed services division where we run the entire network for a company in terms of the hardware, the software systems on the endpoints, and the firewall management. We’ve changed it to be more security-focused. Instead of just adding the standard network infrastructure, we do a complete network audit and implement solutions first.

Safety Detective: What types of companies use your services?

The companies that use our services range from startups that haven’t launched yet to companies that have been running for 20 years.
Read the full interview here
Read the full interview here