Cyber security for your business

Our certified ethical hackers have been trained to think like hackers because the best way to stop a hacker is to think like one.

We will test every aspect of your security infrastructure to ensure we close any loop holes that can be exploited to gain access to your network and data. Don't be another statistic in the data-breach cycle, let us help you take the necessary steps to secure your business.

Every security test is defined by a very strict code of coduct as well as an defined ROE (rules of engagement) agreement on when the testing can take place as well as what kind of test should not be carried out, for example a Denial-of-service attack which could impact production.

Livex Cyber Security

Protect your entire network

We will evaluate both your internal and external network vulnerabilities and provide you with a full report on the required actions to be taken. The reports will be divided into different categories such as critical fixes that need to be applied immediately or suggestions on improvements that can be made.

Every internal device will be tested to ensure we cover all the aspects of your network. The cyber security can also be combined with our managed network plans. You will get a discounted rate when combining these two services as well as a more comprehensive protection package.

We will review you current domain and firewall configurations and update where necessary to meet the security best practices as well as improve on your network infrastructure to add for example a DMZ for an internet facing server. Don't wait until it's to late, secure your network.

Livex Cyber Security

Incident Response

You've been hacked, what now?

Call our incident response team to help you defend against the hack and get your business up and running again. Being hacked or getting ransomware can be a stressful experience, luckily we are highly trained to handle these cyber events and will not rest until your business is operation again.

Once everything has been restored we will conduct a full incident investigation and provide you with a detailed report on exactly what happened and how you can prevent this in future.

Our cyber security services come highly recommended and we urge your to condider a security test and audit before you have security breach.

Livex Cyber Security

Staff training

Protecting your network perimiter is only half the battle. Most data-breaches happen because staff members have not been properly trained.

We will schedule in-depth training sessions with your staff at our offices to properly train each staff member on what to look our for and on the latest malware trends and tricks. Once all staff members have been trained it is recommended that a thorough review of all your security policies is conducted to establish which policies are missing and which need to be improved. All these policies will be reviews and drafted by us for your to sign-off and implement within your business.

Each staff member will receive a information booklet containing all the information covered during the training session. We recommended that these training sessions be carried our at least twice a year and in some cases earlier if a major security concern was discovered in the market like the WanaCry ransomware outbreak.

Livex Cyber Security

Ransomware Protection

Protect your crucial information with state of the art ransomware protection.

We have partnered with the best of the best in ransomware protection to be able to provide all our clients peach of mind when it comes to protecting their information and systems. The ransomware protection is included in very affordable managed antivirus business solutions.

Don't wait until it is to late to protect your files, get our antivirus solution for your business now.


Anti-virus solutions

Livex Software is proud to be a Bitdefender partner, enabling us to provide you with the best antivirus solution in the world.

Our managed antivirus solution is second to none, as we will take of every aspect in securing your business and making sure your network is protected.

With our antivirus solution, we will monitor each end-point within your network to ensure everything is up to date and secure. Each client will be configured with the latest in ransomware protection to ensure all your crucial business information and resources remain private and secure.

Contact us now to get started with the most secure antivirus solution for your business.


Firewall Solutions

Protecting your network from external threats has become a challenging task as cyber criminals have become smarter and more organised than ever before.

A firwall device is a vital part of your defence againt cyber threats to your business and confidential information.

We will install and configure the entire firewall for you to ensure you have the maximum protection from external threats to your network. All the firewall policies can be configured exactly according to your requirements, this may allow certain users more access than others, or restricing all access to certain types of applications or websites.

A properly configured firewall is essential to your network secure as hackers often target misconfigurations for vulnerabilities to bypass these protection devices, therefore you can trust in LIVEX SOFTWARE to configure your firewall exactly as it should be closing all those security loop holes that a hacker may want to exploit.

Livex Cyber Security

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