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Every business has a unique set of requirements according to their own business operations, having the right software development solution can increase productivity exponentially and therefore increasing business growth and productivity When we develop custom software we go out of our way to ensure you get way more than what you paid for.

We will schedule a briefing session with you so we can understand exactly what kind of software development you need as well as the time-frame required to implement your new custom software product.

With us there is no need to settle for expensive for off-the-shelf software products, where you pay for services or features you will never use, with our affordable software development fees you can get the perfect software product for your business

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End-to-end service

At LIVEX we understand that building custom software involves a lot more than just writing awesome code. Quality product support and guidance through the entire process is key to the success of any software development project. Therefore, we include it all, from the planning and project management right down to the implementation and daily support of queries.

We will work with our existing team to make sure that the process runs smoothly and that we meet your expectations every time. Once your software product has been completed, you will receive a copy of your source code as well as a full product documentation set that covers every aspect of your new software product.

LIVEX does not take any ownership of your IP (intellectual property) nor do we claim any rights to your software.

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Software training

In addition to the product documentation we provide on-site training to your staff members to ensure that know exactly how to use your new software product. The training sessions can be scheduled with your account manager or via our online helpdesk.

Additional training can also be requested which can either be provided remotely or on-site depending on your requirements.

Our support team will always be standing by to handle any query or training question you may have to help you better use your software and grow your business.

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Software Development Services

  • Custom Software Development
    Our software development team will design and develop a customized software solution according to your specifications. Custom software development can be used to develop a solution to be used in-house by your employees or a new software product you want to take into the market and sell as a stand-alone or subscription service
  • Web Development
    If you need an online system which can be accessed from anywhere, our software development team will build this for you. Your system will be completely customized according to your requirements and business look and feel, we will also ensure that your online software solution is completely secure.
  • API Development
    Generally used for third-party integration or to integrate with other in-house systems, we will build you a secure API system to provide you with these integration capabilities.
  • Software Integration
    Need help integrating with a third-party system or external software program, our software development team can assist with this
  • Software Testing
    We provide software testing services for your solution even if they are developed by you in-house, to ensure all possible bugs have been fixed before your software is put into market. All software development that is done by LIVEX includes this service.
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