Cheaper than a techie

Our network management services will be cheaper than employing a full-time staff component every time. Our highly skilled technicians and server administrators will ensure your network runs smoothly and will be just a phone call away if you need any assistance.

We will cover every aspect of your network from installing new software or updates to upgrading a computer. You will have access to our online helpdesk to quickly log and track any support requests.

Our managed network services when combined with our cyber security and antivirus services provide you with a complete support and security solution for your business.

Livex Managed Networks

Server and networks

A smooth running server and network is vital to any business. Uncesesarry down-time means loss of revenue so let us help you avoid that. With our monthly management services we include full backup management, so we will make sure you always have a backup to recover to in the unfortunate event of a server failure.

We will also handle the server repair for you or facilitate the repair process if the server is still under warranty. Our server and network management include server migration and upgrades, exchange server setup and maintance , firewall installation and configuration to name a few.

We will keep your servers running smoothly so your business can too.

Livex Tech

Maintenance and upgrades

Major operating system or hardware upgrades can be a nightmare if you don't have the right skills and experience. We have upgraded hundreds of servers over the years so let us handle this for you.

All upgrades will be scheduled in advance to ensure everyone is aware of possible downtime if we need to restart or shutdown a server to complete the upgrade. As always we will ensure that a full backup is available.

This service include the upgrade of desktops or laptops within your business or setting up of new desktops or laptops you have purchased.


Anti-virus solutions

Livex Software is proud to be a Bitdefender partner, enabling us to provide you with the best antivirus solution in the world.

Our managed antivirus solution is second to none, as we will take of every aspect in securing your business and making sure your network is protected.

With our antivirus solution, we will monitor each end-point within your network to ensure everything is up to date and secure. Each client will be configured with the latest in ransomware protection to ensure all your crucial business information and resources remain private and secure.

Contact us now to get started with the most secure antivirus solution for your business.


Ransomware Protection

Protect your crucial information with state of the art ransomware protection.

We have partnered with the best of the best in ransomware protection to be able to provide all our clients peach of mind when it comes to protecting their information and systems. The ransomware protection is included in very affordable managed antivirus business solutions.

Don't wait until it is to late to protect your files, get our antivirus solution for your business now.


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