Businesses now operate in a far more virtual world, and understandably specific trends have emerged from this. For one thing, as we have discussed in a previous article, there is a global trend towards outsourcing services instead of hiring permanent staff, and there are many good reasons for this.

Another trend that extends from this is that businesses generally prefer to deal with outsourced service companies that are more versatile and able to offer them more than just one service. This saves the time and hassle of sourcing different services and simplifies your business by dealing with fewer service providers.


When it comes to software development and IT applications, versatility is crucial as these services need to align with and complement each other. So, what benefits can truly versatile software developers offer?

Software Development

First and foremost, a good software development needs to excel at their core product – developing great software! They need to be able to create original, creative, and most importantly, effective software for any business, large or small, to call themselves a versatile software development company.

Software developers should be able to develop custom software and be able to update existing software and assure you of secure web development too, which brings us to our next service.

Web Development

If the software developers can optimize your operational efficiency with the software they create, they should be able to develop an excellent web application for you. These two are linked in many ways, and good web developers can offer you secure hosting and full back-end automation too, through utilizing the latest web technologies.

Customized integration between apps

For businesses utilizing various apps, a creative software development team can create, develop and customize integrations between apps. It should be done precisely according to your specifications and be secure and robust.


Also, API (Application Programming Interface), first design practices should be implemented to ensure the API reflects the best possible design and developer experience.


They say you use a thief to catch a thief and an astute development team are right on top of the way that hackers think and operate. We will ensure that your business is protected through penetration testing , security policy reviews and ransomware assistance.

Livex – offering truly versatile solutions.

Livex is a software development company that ticks all these boxes and more. As versatile as any Software development company can ever be, we are the one outsourced service business that you can come to for many of your most important IT needs.

Contact us today, and you will find out that our expanded service offerings not only ensure creative development and security solutions but are designed to increase both your businesses’ productivity and your brand exposure.

Keep safe – and keep developing!